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"Why don't you write a song for the luncheon?" she asked. "Why don't you write a rap?" Pause. I was processing where in the heck she had even heard the term "rap," when she continued, "a WASP rap! You're the songwriter!" (To be fair, I am a songwriter and was a member of the musicians union back in the days of harmony and music that didn't sound so angry. But not rap!) So, I made a small mistake. I spoke before thinking: "Mom, rap is not music." I instantly sensed I was about to disappoint her — so I quickly added, "but, if you want a rap song, why don't you write it yourself?" Pause. "I'll give you the background beat and you can put words to it."

"…the cursed had gathered and began anew in their own city dedicated to their patron Tlaloc. Their god spoke to them: 'I am still with you, my faithful servants. I cannot fully undo the evil words of my kin, but I give you this promise: For taking the burden of a punishment meant to bring pain to me, your natural form will be returned to you as you walk through life towards me. Once you depart from this world, I shall grant you peace in the heavens for enduring this undeserved hardship.' With this, Tlaloc returned to the heavens, and his promise will come to fruition for all of his faithful servants…"

Anderson majored in political science at Ohio State University and was editorial cartoonist for the school's newspaper, The Lantern. In 1989, he won the Charles M. Schulz Award for best college cartoonist. He interned one summer at The Louisville Courier-Journal, which immediately recognized his talent. After his graduation from OSU, the newspaper created a position for him as an associate editorial cartoonist and illustrator. Anderson was promoted to chief editorial cartoonist in 1995 and was syndicated by the Writers Group a year later. After 15 years with the Courier-Journal, in 2006 Anderson accepted a position at the Houston Chronicle.

Anderson essays 2011

anderson essays 2011


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