Description of a picture essay

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Home Locating Service For Sale Ads Buyers & Price Guide Submit your Ad Photo Gallery Index The Mustang convertible was introduced along with the coupe in April 1964. Original top colors offered were white and black. It came with a plastic rear window that folded down into the rear boot, and was hidden by a tonneau cover that snapped into place. Manual tops were standard, or you could order a power top. The power top was engaged by a toggle switch on the right side, underneath the dash. The switch powered a a small electric motor that turned the input shaft to a hydraulic pump located in the trunk, just below the rear boot. Two hydraulic cylinders raised the top up and down. Finally when the top was up you latched it into place by means of two "J" hooks located on the left and right side of of the chrome weather-strip pillar on top of the windshield.

Description of a picture essay

description of a picture essay


description of a picture essaydescription of a picture essaydescription of a picture essaydescription of a picture essay