Environmental disaster essay

The June 2012 decision can be appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court, and thus it does not require Talvivaara to stop releasing the waters immediately. However, if the decision were to be enforced and the mine forced to stop its violation of the environmental permit, it would cause serious problems in the waste water management of the mine. In particular it would raise doubts about the usefulness of the new diversions, since almost half of the total diversion capacity would be lost. The new diversions would thus cause major damage to the environment, but little benefit to Talvivaara.

In 1992 the Russian Federation's Committee on Fishing reported 994 cases in which bodies of water were "completely contaminated" by agricultural runoff. Runoff from fields results in fish kills and groundwater contamination. Among the largest river systems in European Russia, the Volga and Dnepr rivers suffer from acute eutrophication--depletion of dissolved oxygen by overnutrition of aquatic plant life--which distorts natural life cycles. Large-scale fish kills have occurred in the Kama, Kuban', North Dvina, Oka, and Ural rivers.

The internet has played a crucial role in allowing citizens to spread information about the environment, placing additional political pressure on the government. In March 2015,  Under the Dome , a TED Talk-style documentary on China’s air pollution, went viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of views before internet censors blocked access, and in 2013 the discovery of thousands of dead pigs in the Huangpu river also spread rapidly online. However, experts say the jury is still out on the current government will implement meaningful reforms, which has shown more resolve in cracking down on public dissent than implementing environmental measures.

Environmental disaster essay

environmental disaster essay


environmental disaster essayenvironmental disaster essayenvironmental disaster essayenvironmental disaster essay