Essay on the tollund man

Juanita’s body was dated using the dating technique Radiocarbon C-14 which dated her body to about 530 +/-50 years old. Carbon 14 is the process of measuring the amount of Carbon 14 that remains in the body. This method is based on the fact that all living organisms absorb Carbon 14 from the atmosphere and that when you die you stop absorbing it. Therefore scientists can use this information to date remains effectively up to the last 30,000 years. This method is not entirely accurate because there can be different amounts of carbon 14 in the atmosphere at different times which is why scientists have to calibrate the radiocarbon dates to overcome the inaccuracy. To gain a more accurate date it is always a good idea to have the remains dated in more then one laboratory because each laboratory have slightly different techniques and equipment which will end up most likely giving a slightly different date.

Contributor to books, including The Writers: A Sense of Ireland, O'Brien Press (Dublin, Ireland), 1979; Canopy: A Work for Voice and Light in Harvard Yard, Harvard University Art Museums, 1997; Healing Power: The Epic Poise—A Celebration of Ted Hughes, edited by Nick Gammage, Faber, 1999; For the Love of Ireland: A Literary Companion for Readers and Travelers, Ballantine, 2001; 101 Poems against War, edited by Matthew Hollis and Paul Keegan, Faber, 2003; and Don't Ask Me What I Mean: Poets in Their Own Words, Picador, 2003. Contributor of poetry and essays to periodicals, including New Statesman, Listener, Guardian, Times Literary Supplement, and London Review of Books. Heaney's papers and letters are collected at Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

Essay on the tollund man

essay on the tollund man


essay on the tollund manessay on the tollund manessay on the tollund manessay on the tollund man