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Transitional Words for Expository Writing
Use these handy words for transitions when writing expository essays.
First Reason Starters:  first of all, most important, to begin with, to start with Second and Third Reason Starters:  also, another reason, equally important, furthermore, in a like manner, in addition, in fact, last of all, likewise, moreover, of greatest importance, undoubtedly Summary/Conclusion Starters:  all in all, although there may be more reasons, in conclusion, in summary, on the whole, to conclude, to summarize

Estimates of numbers range widely. Some thought (clearly in error) that there were hundreds of millions of even billions; others estimated (far more reasonably) numbers at from 30 to 1000 million in . 1500. Ernest Thompson Seton, the naturalist, was the first to estimate population on the basis of what was called "range allowance" (or carrying capacity) and settled on at least 60 million. Since his day the tendency has been to lower the estimates because bison were unevenly distributed over their range and because drought periodically struck the Plains. According to Dan Flores, an historian, no more than 30 million bison roamed the Plains prior to the arrival of the horse.

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Essay webbing

essay webbing


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