Get myself do my homework

I too am at my wits end with my daughters teacher and school in general. Once per month she’s given a calander with homework tasks to complete on a daily basis. On top of that her teacher assigns a project to complete every weekend and to be turned in on Monday. This month however the teacher forgot , or didn’t have the calander ready until Friday. My child was expected to complete Mon-Thurs daily assigned homework plus her weekend project all over the weekend , even though she wasn’t given the instructions to do so until end of the day Fri.

“Okay,” I said, wracking my brain. “The truth is, after I finished my essay I took a nap. I had the craziest dream! There were thousands of trees around me, so close that I couldn’t fit through them. I tried to climb over but I was stuck. It was thundering and getting dark. Suddenly I realized the trees had eyes and mouths. They stared at me! The tallest angriest tree said ‘James, you killed my family to write an essay about how living green saves the environment! You’re murdering us one page at a time!’ The other trees wailed and grabbed at me with their branches. It was scary! I woke up screaming! I just can’t use paper Mrs. Cox. If you have to fail me, fail me. But my essay will be just as good if I type it up and turn it in online. Save the trees!” I threw my fist up in the air for effect.

Get myself do my homework

get myself do my homework


get myself do my homeworkget myself do my homeworkget myself do my homeworkget myself do my homework