Importance of teachers day essay

When dramatic play materials are provided, children can negotiate roles in their play, plan and cooperate with peers, and have opportunities for social interactions with multiple peers (Epstein, 2009). Teachers may also use visual supports in the classroom to remind children what self-regulation skills are needed at times throughout the daily schedule (., pictures of turn taking, gentle hands, using inside voices). Visual supports such as a picture schedule/calendar serve an additional purpose of assisting children in knowing what their day will look like.

As he has written, ‘knowledge does much more than just help students hone their thinking skills: it actually makes learning easier. Knowledge is not only cumulative, it grows exponentially. Those with a rich base of factual knowledge find it easier to learn more - the rich get richer. In addition, factual knowledge enhances cognitive processes like problem solving and reasoning. The richer the knowledge base, the more smoothly and effectively these cognitive processes - the very ones that teachers target - operate. So, the more knowledge students accumulate, the smarter they become.’

Importance of teachers day essay

importance of teachers day essay


importance of teachers day essayimportance of teachers day essayimportance of teachers day essayimportance of teachers day essay