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Depending on what book one was to purchase of Neruda’s poems, one could come to see him only as a writer of love poems or as a writer of socio-political ones. I, myself, did not realize for quite some time the prominence politics held in his life. I simply fell in love with Veinte Canciones de Amor and moved around to other love poem compilations until later stumbling across more politically charged ones. It is perhaps that very duplicity that keeps his work so exciting and so vibrant for his readers. His work is extensive, more so than most poets of the modern day, and yet each poem is refreshing, compelling and new.

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In 1957, Milton Rogovin was declared “The Top Communist in Buffalo”. In reality, he was an optometrist actively registering Black voters. Refusing to be silenced, he found a new political voice - a camera. He began documenting Buffalo’s poorest and working classes, and eventually, the world’s. Collaborating with Pablo Neruda and others at the forefront of justice movements, documenting those he considers, “the Forgotten Ones”. Through his photographs, Rogovin depicts the extreme inequalities that exist and conveys that message through beautiful works of art. For Rogovin, his prints are his protests; his only concern is the fight for social justice.

Pablo neruda essays

pablo neruda essays


pablo neruda essayspablo neruda essayspablo neruda essayspablo neruda essays