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I agree I made the debt and I should pay But do you know how many times I have to fight to get them to pay the amount I could and
they would not work with me the Bill was to a Doctor who I never seen he was part of a group for my sleep problems I stop breathing in the middle of night 30 times I have Had 2 strokes and a lot of Mimi strokes the bill to him to decide how much air I needed. Bill $435 dollars never mind the for the 11 hrs. there. after insurance I owed him and the other because of my deductible they work with me they wanted a moth to pay him and other Medical bills I was still paying on. I said I could pay a Mo and as soon as one of my other bills of a moth was paid off I would add it to the one I owed then I call the doctors office said I could only pay and that was going to be a tight for me they also wanted a Mo they finally after 2 weeks and 10 phone calls from me they agreed. I made 2 payments on time to him which made it I had another stroke did not make that payment that Mo because in Hospital. sometimes it takes a week or so to get your mind working on all the things you need to think about they sent no letter saying your payment is past due please call or we have tried to reach you .I called them and said I would not get the payment to them on time it would be a week late and was told that 4 days after they did not get my payment they turned it into collection . I explained what had happened and that the place I had owed to said don’t worry about the payment you missed nor the one coming up this mouth .stat next Mo with you regular payment well this help you get on you feet some I said yes and thanked them very much for being so understanding. I told the Doctors office that had they had waited I could have given them that mo. So not all places work for you or with you they would have gotten there Full . like I promised. In my Book places who work with me get top of list when paying the back as soon as possible.

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Pay for help with homework

pay for help with homework


pay for help with homeworkpay for help with homeworkpay for help with homeworkpay for help with homework