Psle model essay

A total of 83 students had the opportunity to contribute to the community through their artwork. As part of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital's Christmas fundraising drive, 'Light a Dream', 60 light cubes were painted by Pathlight students from Upper Primary and the school's talent development programme called 'Artist Development Programme' (ADP). The light cubes were sold online with prices ranging from $100 to $300. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital then matched dollar for dollar to raise a total of $24,000 towards Pathlight's Poor and Needy Fund. Currently, 40% of our students are on financial assistance schemes and this fund goes towards supporting them with school-related expenses.

The GEP identification exercise aims to identify pupils with high intellectual potential. As students develop at different rates, we should allow them to blossom at their own pace. Parents should not enrol their children in test-preparation activities for the identification exercise. Test preparation activities could inflate pupils’ scores and not reflect their actual potential. Pupils who are not ready to handle the intellectual rigour and demands of the GEP will struggle to cope with the enriched curriculum and not benefit fully from it. This would put undue stress on the pupils, and may even cause them to lose confidence and impact their self-esteem.

Psle model essay

psle model essay


psle model essaypsle model essaypsle model essaypsle model essay