Stranger than fiction thesis

We are a group of friends from high school with the same interest in music. As we grow and move through the end of our teen years, we are finding that music keeps our friendship strong. Our songs reflect the make ups, the break ups, the wake ups and the screw ups of growing up together in Southwest Florida. Stranger than Fiction plays alt pop. We play rock that makes you get up and sing out loud. It is rock with commercial hooks and pop grooves, and the variety of music that we are putting out is expanding daily. We are happy to have you here at the beginning of our journey.

The film was shot on location in Chicago, Illinois . Dave's apartment, in which Harold takes residence after his own building is partially demolished, is part of the River City Condominiums. [5] Hilbert's office was in a lecture hall at the University of Illinois at Chicago . The CNA Center at 333 South Wabash Avenue in the Loop served as the location for the IRS office. The bakery that Ana Pascal runs is actually located in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago and is presently called La Catedral Cafe & Restaurant . [6] The movie theatre in the film is the Logan Theatre located in the Logan Square neighborhood. [7] Many downtown Chicago locations were used for scenes involving Karen Eiffel, Penny Escher, and Harold Crick. [5] Columbia Pictures distributed the film. [3]

In his documentary feature directorial debut, Sean Donnelly examines the superfan phenomenon through two incredibly personal stories: That of 50 year-old Jeff Turner and 38-year-old Kelly McCormick. Both Turner and McCormick claim to be in love with ’80s pop sensation Tiffany, who is best known for her 1987 chart-topping cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now” (also the title of the film). You can watch the film at Snag Films (for free!) right now.

Stranger than fiction thesis

stranger than fiction thesis


stranger than fiction thesisstranger than fiction thesisstranger than fiction thesisstranger than fiction thesis