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Toaster ends up winning the election by a landslide, and as a result, the former Supreme Commander allows Toaster and the others inside him to reveal his true self to be the brother of Hearing Aid, who had been separated from him for several decades. Thanks to the Little Master, Hearing Aid's brother decided to call off his attack, and agrees to come home with them, along with Tinselina. However, as they leave Mars and are seen off by the Wonderluxe Appliances, Viking 1, and the other satellites, Hearing Aid's brother realizes he forgot to cancel the countdown on the missile, as it is still set to launch and destroy Earth. Toaster bravely leaves the basket with Hearing Aid's brother to stop the missile, managing to deactivate it just as it was about to launch, leaving it to fall apart on the launch pad. After being picked up by the others, Tinselina sacrifices her hair and clothes to provide the organic fuel they need to return to Earth. They make it home just as the Baby Monitor, which Ratso had been subduing until they returned, breaks free of its restraints and wakes up the Master and Mistress. However, they come down to find the Little Master alright, and are unaware of their son's little adventure into space.

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Thesis clubhouse

thesis clubhouse


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